Extended Warranty

All Enlite products are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months from date of purchase. In addition to the standard guarantee, optional extended warranties are also available for key LED products, simply by registering. Guarantees and warranties are based on the length of time that users can expect to enjoy usable light output to L70, all backed by the strength of an Aurora Group company.

The Simple Standard: L70

Unlike traditional filament-based light sources, whose lifetimes are measured to total failure, LED chips can operate for many thousands of hours before total failure. Instead, LED lumen output gradually degrades over time. However, many in the industry still measure LED lifetime based on failure, which confuses stated product performance guarantees.

Instead, Enlite guarantees and warranties are based on lifetime to 70 percent of the stated lumen output, over the number of years specified. This means that you can count on Enlite products to be reliably brighter for longer. Example: A 1000 lumen LED luminaire, three years to L70, will deliver at least 700 lumens at the end of its three-year warranty period.

Register Online

Register for an extended warranty to ensure lighting levels throughout the lifetime of the product and maintain compliance with building regulations. Simply download the form for your applicable product:

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