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Aurora Lighting Distribution Underway in NZ

19 سبتمبر, 2018

International LED and smart lighting manufacturer Aurora Lighting has now expanded its New Zealand presence with the appointment of Electrical Supply Corp (ESC) as its distribution partner.

Announcing the new partnership in July, Aurora Lighting’s Australia and New Zealand managing director, Fred Nimarota, says Aurora will continue to build its presence in New Zealand while working closely with ESC in support of electrical wholesalers and contractors.

Nimarota says, because of the breadth of the Aurora ranges and the strength of the company’s two brands, Aurora and Enlite, Aurora Lighting will also be investing in the development of services for lighting designers and specifiers in the project market.

“All product supply will be managed by ESC and we are now working together to introduce our extensive lighting portfolio and connected lighting solutions to key vertical markets in the New Zealand market.”

The lighting portfolio is entirely LED with all Aurora Lighting products being designed and manufactured in the company’s own production facilities in the UK and in China. Luminaires designed for the specifier market are primarily made in England under the Aurora brand, and competitively priced Enlite fittings designed for the trade are produced in one of three factories in China owned by the Aurora Lighting Group.

“You can have every confidence in the lighting products we supply, and the strength of the international backing behind our products. The Aurora Lighting Group owns ten international facilities and has almost half a million square feet of production facilities dedicated to research and development, engineering, testing and technological development in communications and sensing.”

Nimarota says with distribution of the company’s unique ranges of LEDs through a dedicated global network spanning over 70 countries, New Zealand will be well served by the Aurora Lighting Group.

“There are four key lighting sectors in our initial focus: commercial and light industrial, retail, residential, and smart controls. We are offering a complete end-to-end solution for commercial and light industrial installations, and are one of the few lighting suppliers that can light a complete commercial building from one catalogue.”

He says the evolution of LED products continues at such a pace that suppliers that copy what is available are always falling behind.

“With our substantial investment in R&D and 20-strong luminaire design team, we continually introduce new models with lower power consumption, higher lumen output, better heat management or improved optics. We constantly review our ranges every three months to ensure our offer is state-of-the-art. Because our strength is in the design and manufacturing of light fittings, we are also able to customise products for particular projects. We enjoy working with engineers who are looking for a better solution than standard fittings provide and developing bespoke lighting to really lift a project.”

Smart lighting

While Aurora sees itself as distinctively different to traditional lighting manufacturers in terms of its breadth of product supply, the difference becomes more apparent with its evolutionary work in the area of smart lighting.

Nimarota says Aurora has successfully transitioned from a traditional lighting organisation to one at the forefront in the development of smart connected lighting.

“We have long been able to meet all the typical requirements of excellent lighting through the design of the fittings we produce, but lighting and particularly LED lighting is now capable of delivering so much more value for building owners beyond illumination.”

This value is now going beyond the efficiencies of energy saving automation and lighting controls to a new world of smart Internet-connected lighting, where the focus shifts from the luminaires themselves to the ability to measure and monitor environmental data and what people are doing in the lit environment.

Data gleaned through the lighting architecture can be utilised to improve customer and user experiences and stimulate commercial activity through a variety of responses. Because artificial lighting is a fundamental requirement for every building and the most essential infrastructure element, lighting systems are emerging as the obvious choice to form the future backbone of an intelligent building network.

Nimarota says Aurora Lighting is pioneering the development of an interoperable, scalable, IoT platform based on lighting, and collaborating with partners to design smart solutions that will make Aurora the ideal partner for lighting designers, specifiers and building owners as the new technologies are released. Aurora was the first to sign an agreement with Gooee to use its IoT platform as the foundation for the delivery of Aurora’s connected lighting solutions and the launch of AOne and AXiO (Aurora’s commercial smart solution) which are powered by Gooee. AOne is a range of smart lighting, sensing and control devices designed to be run from mobile devices or remote controllers.


Electrical Supply Corp’s national sales manager, Scott Freeman, says ESC has been supplying lighting products for the last four years and is well positioned to launch Aurora’s Project and Trade lighting portfolios.

He says ESC is doubling its lighting design staff and equipping its 12-strong sales team with training on the Aurora and Enlite ranges.

“We are also looking forward to the smart technology introduced by the AOne system because it provides the right combination of quality performance, easy affordability, scalability and technical simplicity. We believe Aurora’s innovations with smart and connected lighting will enable all domestic and commercial electricians to step into automation and with a platform that is rapidly evolving with Google Assistant and Alexa voice command systems on the way.”

Freeman says the Aurora platform puts electricians not only in control of lighting but also the integration of other building control functions such as energy management, security and heat pumps.

“The AOne system will also integrate new appliances and devices once manufacturers release more smart products into the market, and all it will take is a simple firmware upgrade. “We will be providing training courses to upskill electricians to upsell customers with every confidence, while ensuring our own staff can professionally support consultants, architects and specifiers as well as wholesale branch staff.”