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An AXiO smart retail experience with BMW at LuxLive 2017

viernes, 27 de octubre de 2017

Aurora Lighting’s AXiO smart lighting platform is taking centre stage as it is exclusively previewed at LuxLive 2017. Featured in the Gooee IoT Arena, Aurora is demonstrating how deploying the AXiO within a retail space enables an immersive experience, additional value, POS to POeX.

Held over two days on 15 and 16 November at the ExCeL in London, LuxLive is one of the largest global lighting exhibitions in Europe.

Powered by Gooee, Aurora will demonstrate, how, with the AXiO platform’s wide range of capabilities, you can create and enable the ultimate user experience and generate exceptional Value Beyond Illumination™.

The Gooee IoT Arena - Preview

Aurora & BMW work together on Smart Lighting Pilot Scheme

Earlier this year, Aurora announced it is working with leading automobile manufacturer, BMW, to carry out its first smart lighting pilot scheme following the recent preview of its new enterprise connected lighting platform, AXiO, at EuroShop 2017.

BMW is focusing on challenging and testing new experiences in which customers select, enjoy and purchase ‘the ultimate driving machine’. With a customer’s lighting design experience needs at its core, Aurora’s projects and IoT division will be working in partnership with BMW to develop and test a customer centric retail lighting hardware platform and IoT experience, all powered by Gooee, to help BMW achieve its goals.

With the AXiO smart lighting platform, BMW will receive much more than just a bespoke lighting design. The car manufacturer will have the ability to manage and deliver an engaging end-to-end customer experience that immerses the user at the level they want to engage.

The IoT Programme

The IoT Arena has been designed by Lux to focus on the exciting digital applications of ‘connected lighting’. It includes technology pods, break-out spaces, a market place and a stage with a rolling programme of talks, presentations and panel discussions on the digital revolution now transforming the lighting sector.

The programme will include presentations and demonstrations of Power over Ethernet, Li-Fi – the internet and data delivered using visible light rather than radio waves – and Bluetooth mesh, all technologies which could radically change traditional lighting.

Aurora’s AXiO platform can create powerful and unique retail experiences. and the project being undertaken at BMW’s Retail Experience Centre will be shown, revealing how it will give customers an immersive, personalised experience in testing, selecting and purchasing a new model.

Join us for the Drinks Reception

This year the hosts of the IoT Arena, Gooee, will be holding a drinks reception where the movers and shakers in the connected lighting sector rub shoulders and explore opportunities. Aurora and Gooee executives offer you the opportunity to unwind after the first day of the exhibition and discuss the topics and issues raised during the event.

This is your opportunity to network with all the key players in the sector, meet major influencers and get answers to your questions.

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