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Three whites, One light, Your Choice!

martes, 20 de junio de 2017

Choice of colour temperature is critical when installing luminaires in different environments.

  • Warm white or 3000K has become the ‘new norm’ for residential lighting and is a popular choice for living areas in most domestic applications.

  • Cool white or 4000K is regularly used in kitchens and bathrooms for a brighter, cleaner feel and is also widely specified in commercial projects.

  • Daylight white or 6000K offers optimum levels of illumination where task lighting is a key requirement.

The E8CX™ colour switchable, fire rated downlight brings a choice of white light to Enlite’s well established E8™ range and its clever design offers installation flexibility. Before installation, simply flick the switch located on the back of the downlight and choose from warm white, cool white and daylight. Additionally the E8CX delivers up to 620 lumens, is coverable with up to 300mm of insulation and comes with a three-year warranty.

As part of Enlite’s fire rated downlight range the E8CX is rated for 30, 60 and 90 minute ceilings as standard. The rating required depends on the ceiling type and the application. If a product only has a fire rating of 90 minutes you cannot safely assume it is automatically compliant for 30 and 60 minute ceilings as well. To be compliant for all 3 ceiling types the downlight must undergo a test for each and hold the appropriate certification.

Enlite’s E8CX fire rated downlights bring further innovation to a portfolio of more than 380 ‘Best-in-Class, Best-for-Value’ lighting solutions and one of 119 new products. A simple yet highly targeted lighting essentials range, Enlite is designed to meet the requirements of everyday lighting installations across a range of applications.