Nous vous proposons une garantie minimum de 12 mois pour la plupart des produits Aurora dès la date d'achat. Nous proposons des extensions de garanties particulières aux gammes de produits spécifiques avec une durée de vie estimée. Les termes de garantie sont à l'image de la qualité de nos produits.

Vous pouvez déterminer l'éligibilité, les termes ou les extensions de garanties via notre site et notre catalogue. Durant la période, Aurora s'engage à réparer ou remplacer, sans frais, l'intégralité ou une partie du produit si nous considérons qu'il est défectueux suite à un souci matériel ou de pose.

Où les produits sont installés?

A votre convenance, vous pouvez enregistrer tous les produits installés à un lieu spécifique dans ce questionnaire. Veuillez ajouter les autres emplacements dans un questionnaire autre.


Pour tous les produits installés au-delà du lieu indiqué, n'oubliez pas de cliquer sur "ajouter nouvel enregistrement".

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Termes et Conditions


"The Company" means Aurora Limited or any subsidiary or associated company of Aurora Limited from which the Goods are ordered including, but not limited to those listed on any credit account application form you might complete.
"The Customer" means the person, firm or other entity which contracts with the Company for the purchase of Goods.
"The Goods" means products of any kind manufactured or sold by the Company.


1. The Company can at its entire discretion either replace or repair any of the Goods which within the guarantee period are shown to its satisfaction to be defective through faulty material or workmanship alone, provided that no attempt has been made by the Customer or a third party to rectify, dismantle or alter the Goods in any way and the faulty unit is returned to the Company.

2. The Guarantee period for any Goods is as specified in the Company's website and catalogue current at the time of acceptance of the Customer's order and commences on delivery of the Goods.

3. Subject as expressly provided in these Conditions and except where the Goods are sold to a person dealing as a consumer (within the meaning of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977) all terms, conditions, warranties or representations whether express or implied by statute or common law, as to description, condition, quality or fitness for purpose of any of the Goods are hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

4. So far as permitted by statute, the Company shall not be liable for loss or damage whether direct or consequential and whether suffered by or occasioned to the Customer, its employees or agents, or to any third party. For the avoidance of doubt, the Company does not accept responsibility for any installation costs associated with replacement of a faulty unit.

5. The installation of the Goods should only be carried out by a competent person in accordance with the instructions supplied with the Goods and relevant UK or European standards e.g. the latest edition of the I.E.E Wiring Regulations (BS7671). The Company will not be held responsible for failure of any Goods due to installation in an improper environment, installation not in accordance with relevant regulations, improper working practice, misuse, negligent storage or accidental damage. All of the Goods incorporating electronic components are  protected against damage which may result from transient voltages on the mains supply. The level of protection incorporated is generally in excess of the minimum level specified in the current international standards. It is the installer's responsibility to ensure that electronic equipment is not subjected to transients above the international immunity standards. The Company does not take responsibility for damage to any Goods caused by excessive mains transients.


1. The Extended Warranty applies to the relevant Goods purchased on or after 1 Oct 2012. The period of warranty commences on the date of purchase and is limited to the stated term or lifetime hours, whichever occurs first.

2. During the period of the warranty, the Company undertakes to repair or replace, free of charge, either the whole or any part of the Goods that the Company deems to be defective as a result of a material or manufacturing fault.

3. In order to obtain the Extended Warranty the Customer must:
  •  Complete the Product Registration form.
  •  Retain proof of date and place of purchase. This will be required should the Customer need to make a claim under   the  Extended Warranty.
  •  Agree to and comply with these Terms and Conditions.
4. The Extended Warranty is only valid if:
  • The Date of Purchase is confirmed by an official receipt issued at the time of purchase or by a bill of sale.
  • The Company is promptly informed of the defect.
  • The Goods have not been altered or modified in any way.
  • The Goods have been installed by a qualified electrician, in accordance with the instructions provided.
  • The Goods have been used in accordance with the instructions provided (i.e. not subjected to incorrect operation, misuse or connection to an unsuitable power supply).
5. To make a claim, the Customer will return the complete Goods to the wholesaler from whom the product was originally purchased, in the original packaging, if possible, together with the original purchase receipt.

7. The rights and benefits under the Company’s standard 12 month guarantee and the Company’s Extended Warranty is in addition to the specific rights of the Customer’s country of purchase.

8. No rights are given to any person acquiring the Goods secondhand.

9. If the Customer cannot produce a suitable proof of date of purchase then the Company shall not be liable for any repair / replacement costs incurred beyond the standard guarantee term.
The warranty excludes any damage to or resulting from glass.

Carriage and return carriage charges are the responsibility of the Customer and are not covered by the Company.

If the defective product has been discontinued or is no longer available, the Company will provide an alternative of similar specification and quality. The Company shall not be liable for any mismatches with other previously installed Goods.

Any repaired or replaced Good shall be covered under the remaining balance of the warranty term as the original Good.
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