The Aurora Lighting Group is an international,
privately owned LED lighting and technology organisation

The core values and East-West partnership upon which the Aurora Group was founded continue to underpin the company today. With an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for inspirational lighting solutions, Aurora has successfully transitioned from a traditional lighting organisation to one at the forefront in the development of smart connected lighting to deliver
Value Beyond Illumination™”

Andrew Johnson, CEO & Founder

Dongguan, China

Ji’An City, China

Swindon, UK


Taking its name from nature’s most spectacular light show, Aurora Borealis, the Aurora Group is an international, LED lighting organisation. Aurora specialises in the design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative, smart energy-saving solutions for projects, trade and OEM/ODM customers through a dedicated global network to over 70 countries.

Creative product ideation, innovative engineering, rigorous testing, groundbreaking technology, award winning marketing and an unparalleled global sales and distribution team work together at the heart of our business.

The group owns ten international facilities and more than 440,000 sq. ft. allocated to research and development, engineering, testing and technological development in communications and sensing.

Eleven A.L.E.X (Aurora Lighting Experience) showrooms showcase the full range of Aurora products, focusing on retail and hospitality, residential, industrial and commercial applications.

Through our added value focus of design, manufacturing and installation services we are engineered to our customers needs. Our partnership with Gooee and continuing investment in enabling technology ensures you have a platform partner that is focused on delivering your commercial objectives through lighting solutions.

  • Exporting to over 40 Countries
  • Value Creating Lighting Design
  • Thermal and Optical Specialists
  • 22,000 SKU’s and custom product options.
  • Full service programme management

Engineered by the Aurora Lighting Group, Enlite, through its innovative LED design and optics, combined with a proven reputation for quality, is rapidly becoming the number one choice amongst wholesalers, lighting contractors and specifiers on all continents.

Since 2015, Enlite’s popular product range has rapidly grown and evolved to become one of the leading trade brands.

This success and growth has been built on the core values of the Aurora Lighting Group and its ability to engineer and deliver reliable, compliant, high performing solutions within the key product groups of fire rated downlights, LED lamps and LED integrated luminaires.

These values, combined with built-in high product quality, competitive pricing and comprehensive technical support provide a compelling offer.

A highly experienced cross-disciplinary team based at our dedicated Swindon development and test facility. With focus on front and back-end development technologies enhancing customer UI and UX experience the IOT Division is enabling both the Trade and Projects divisions to deliver Value Beyond Illumination.

  • Embedded, front and back-end development technologies across Linux and Microsoft technology stacks: Eg. C/C++/C#, ASP.Net, SQL/NoSQL, Node.js
  • UI and UX experience covering responsive mobile and desktop designs: HTML5/CSS3/ Javascript/jQuery
  • Application development using native iOS and Android or cross-platforms frameworks eg. React Native
  • Enhanced wireless lighting control & analytics
  • Space utilisation & occupancy analytics
  • Sensory architecture

We design, develop and manufacture the most advanced range of low energy lighting solutions and we do this by maintaining control of every step of the production process.

More than 440,000 square feet of research and development and state-of-the-art, integrated manufacturing facilities in Asia and the UK translates to market-leading products and superior service for our customers.

Around the world, our innovative lighting showrooms support our mission to transform the way people interact with their environments, by providing inspirational energy saving lighting solutions. We call this: the Aurora Lighting Experience, or A.L.E.X !

A.L.E.X was first conceived in 2006 at our Welwyn Garden City, UK facilities, providing conferencing, education, product testing and lighting demonstrations for up to 100 people or more from a unique conference suite known as the Light Box.

The Light Box is designed to immerse visitors in an environment where they can experience the difference between traditional and LED light sources, dimming and colour temperature. It is available for client use and equipped with the latest visual aids.

The live demonstration is supplemented by product specs and features on large wall displays that surround visitors, while application shots are projected onto the large screen at the head of the room.

Whatever the need, we can fulfill a solution. With Aurora’s OEM/ODM division you harness the power of our expertise across all four elements of lighting: power, control, lamps and luminaires.

We offer full customisation, whether it’s shape, size, color, dimension, performance or price, to suit your brand. Our flexibility transcends aesthetics to include engineering and manufacturing of power source, optical lenses and innovative thermal management solutions.

Auroras brands are optimised for the specific requirements of each channel and market, and are currently being streamlined in preparation for entry into smart environments.

Microlights, the group’s UK-based retail specialist company, and its products are being integrated under the Aurora brand. Combined expertise and products under one brand enables a consolidated projects approach and a complete service and range to accommodate four sectors: residential, retail & hospitality, commercial and industrial.

Enlite is Aurora’s latest ‘essentials’ brand distributed via trade, providing big performance, high quality LED lighting at excellent value.

A simple yet highly targeted lighting essentials range, Enlite is designed to meet the requirements of everyday lighting installations across a range of applications. Continual innovation whilst leveraging manufacturing capability and purchasing power ensures high product performance is achieved for the best value, supported by industry leading warranties backed by the Aurora Group.

To ensure continued growth, our mission is to enter new markets, maintain on-time delivery, encourage collaboration through the Aurora Group’s expanding professional installer network and enhance customer support.

The Enlite service, product R&D, engineering and development through the Aurora Group will always remain customer driven, as customer requirements and end user product experiences are our highest priority.

A track record in technological excellence
  • IoT
  • Opt
  • Thm
  • Lht
  • Pwr


Aurora’s journey in lighting started when everything required switches on walls to turn on luminaires (Lighting 1.0). Focused on reinvention and futuristic design, Aurora progressed into Lighting 2.0 — integrated LED luminaires controlled by third party, on-premise solutions.

Lighting is the most pervasive element in the built environment. As an existing, essential infrastructure element, lighting systems can readily form the backbone of an intelligent network. Aurora, at an early stage, identified the need for an interoperable, scalable, IoT platform. Collaborating with best-in-class partners was fundamental to driving innovation beyond legacy architecture solutions.

Lighting 3.0 is the next generation of lighting, and Aurora is on a journey to turn the vision into a reality and continue to deliver Value Beyond Illumination™.


Optical innovation precise control

Designing and manufacturing the most effective optics reduces overall system energy consumption and outputs more light to where it’s needed.

EnFiniti™ lenses are edge-to-edge multifaceted sculptured lenses that produce low glare while providing a sparkling halogen-like appearance. They are designed to mimic traditional technology to provide the same visual look and feel we all expect. The EnFiniti lens features a 100% aperture for maximum light output and clean aesthetic appearance, providing maximum light distribution with minimal glare.


Higher quality brighter light for longer

Thermal management is a fundamental design component that removes heat from the LED chip, providing longer life and consistent light output.

ThermoTec™ technology utilises a combination of highly efficient low temperature SMD LEDs that are bonded directly to an aluminium heatsink and surrounded by an injected thermoplastic housing. The passive cooling effect of these combined technologies work together and allow the LED chips to perform at their optimum to enable consistent performance and the quality of light to last longer. The three performance criteria are:

  • Efficacy - creating more usable light using less power
  • Lumen output – maximising light from the fitting for improved light distribution
  • Colour rendering – high CRI enhances true colours of objects and their surroundings


High efficacy quality of light

Best-in-Class LED light sources are the most crucial component in any luminaire. The most suitable chips are selected for each and every application to guarantee high performance, long life and reliability.

High efficacy, heat efficient light sources are optimised for each application to deliver consistent quality over time. Aurora ensures the following for the highest quality light source:

  • High output single point sources
  • Mid power Surface Mounted Device
  • Highly efficient Chip On Board
  • Accurate colour rendering (Ra >80)
  • Smooth and controlled dimming
  • Low SDCM values
  • ErP Compliant
  • LM80 Data


Reliability, lifetime & performance

The engine of a luminaire - advanced, embedded ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology drives maximum LED performance with superior dimming compatibility and reliability.

For maximum reliability and lifetime in our High Voltage solutions, we have eliminated the external driver using an advanced integrated circuit (IC) and removed the electrolytic capacitor - the weakest component in an LED downlight. An icDOB not only substantially increases lifetime and performance, it allows for the stabilisation of currents, cost reduction overload protection.

Awards and recognitions

Over the years Aurora has received recognition for its solutions and contributions to the electrical industry. Continuing to lead with the latest in LED and IoT technology, our priority has always been, and continues to be, our customers, delivering an end-to-end solution that meets and exceeds their expectations.

We believe in a world where light should be accessible to all people

Introducing light and electricity to those without it will enable them to pursue lives of greater freedom, purpose and opportunity.

The Aurora Light Foundation, or ALF, aims to make an impact on the world - balancing a passion for sustainable solutions with a passion to enact real change. We are founded upon a core set of personal beliefs and a commitment to providing light to underprivileged individuals, families and communities.